March 13, 2011

Hartz Peak - Tasmania's best day walk

Click for larger image. This sign is at the start of the walk
Written by: Allan Wise
Walk date: 14-March-2011

Hartz peak would be one of my favourite day walks. We had great weather and the views from the summit where fantastic. We could clearly see Federation Peak and Precipitous Bluff to the west. To the east we see the Huon River entry to the ocean.

It took about 1.5 hours to drive to the Hartz Peak car park. It's easy to find because there are signs all the way. In essence you head towards Tahune Air Walk and turn off from that road about 16 km's out when you see a sign to Hartz Peak.

The walk takes about 3-4 hours return and it is fairly easy with a high quality track. As with all walks in Tasmania a word of warning "nothing is easy in bad weather". There is a plaque about one third along the walk dedicated to two men who perished in foul weather many years ago.

The walkers registration day hut at start of walk

The Hartz Peak car park

The approach to summit. The mound in the middle is Hartz Peak

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