January 3, 2011

Tasmanian Mountains

By Keith Brown
The list incorporates the peaks listed under the Peak Baggers Guides (refs below) and a list of Abelettes and other peaks that may be of interest.  Abels and Abelettes have a drop of 150m on all sides, the former being over 1100m high.
The sources of information include:
1.      Tasmap publications.  I have done a first hand search of the 1:25 000 maps followed by a reference check to the other sources indicated below.  Most 1:25 000 maps are based on AGD66 or AGD84 with a few upgraded to the new GDA94 (these are indicated in the list).  The new GDA94 causes a shift in grid co-ordinates to the previous datum.  To convert AGD66/84 1:25 000 maps to a GDA94, approximately 112m is added to the Eastings (+ .001) and 183m is added to the Northings (+ .002).
2.      Peak Baggers Guides : {First listed area / value} Article by Tim Christie, A Peak Bagger's Guide to Tasmania,  The Tasmanian Tramp, 1968:18 and modified by Geoff Morffew, Peak-Bagger's Guide revised,  The Tasmanian Tramp.   {Second listed area / value}  2000 by Geoff Morffew and David Hardy [Tasmanian Tramp No. 33-2000]
3.      The Abels, Tasmania's Mountains Over 1100 m High, Wilkinson, Bill – Regal Publications, Launceston.
Anticipate an error factor of  +/-  .002 in the coordinates stated for the datum [For "ranges" these may differ quite a bit more].

Illustration of Tasmanian Co-ordinates and Tasmap references
Tasmania is in Australian Map Grid Zone 55.

There are 5x10 (1:25 000) maps per 1 grid Easting x Northing.

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