January 15, 2011

Ronald Cross, Mt

Stuart Bowling

January 13, 2011

Connoisseurs Peak Bagging List

Developed by Stuart Bowling, Paul Geeves and Martin Doran. The Connoisseurs Peak Bagging List is the cream of the crop. A more enjoyable, more do-able list. The connoisseurs selection of Tasmanian peaks.

View the Connoisseurs Peak Bagging List

HWC Peak Baggers List

The ‘official’ HWC Peak Baggers list. Completed by only 2 people, Dave Harris & Paul Geeves. Dr Phil Dawson is very close. Thanks to Stuart Bowling  the list has been placed into a handy spreadsheet format, so you to can keep a track of your own Tasmanian peak bagging score!

How good a peak bagger are you?   

Points CollectedYour Peak-Bagger Title
< 50 Points Downright Idle
50 - 99 Points Member of Old Lags Brigade
100 - 199 Points Dishonourable Peak-Bagger
200 - 399 Points Honourable Peak-Bagger
400 - 599 Points Peak-Bagger Extraordinary
600 > Points Peak-Bagger Supreme

January 12, 2011

Mt Field Hut

Kate Chatfield

Belcher Hut

Kate Chatfield

Kate Chatfield

Kate Chatfield

Gallery : Water Falling by Clayton Bevis

Clayton Bevis's water falling photo gallery. Yes, this is why people go into the bush.

Little Fisher River
Cascades Westmorland Falls
Gads Creek

Gads Creek

Old Flume Westmorland Falls
Little Fisher
Little Fisher

Lake Rowallan

Clayton Bevis

Clayton Bevis

Rinadeena Falls (Little Fisher Falls)

Clayton Bevis

Westmorland Falls

Clayton Bevis 

January 3, 2011

Tasmanian Mountains

By Keith Brown
The list incorporates the peaks listed under the Peak Baggers Guides (refs below) and a list of Abelettes and other peaks that may be of interest.  Abels and Abelettes have a drop of 150m on all sides, the former being over 1100m high.
The sources of information include:
1.      Tasmap publications.  I have done a first hand search of the 1:25 000 maps followed by a reference check to the other sources indicated below.  Most 1:25 000 maps are based on AGD66 or AGD84 with a few upgraded to the new GDA94 (these are indicated in the list).  The new GDA94 causes a shift in grid co-ordinates to the previous datum.  To convert AGD66/84 1:25 000 maps to a GDA94, approximately 112m is added to the Eastings (+ .001) and 183m is added to the Northings (+ .002).
2.      Peak Baggers Guides : {First listed area / value} Article by Tim Christie, A Peak Bagger's Guide to Tasmania,  The Tasmanian Tramp, 1968:18 and modified by Geoff Morffew, Peak-Bagger's Guide revised,  The Tasmanian Tramp.   {Second listed area / value}  2000 by Geoff Morffew and David Hardy [Tasmanian Tramp No. 33-2000]
3.      The Abels, Tasmania's Mountains Over 1100 m High, Wilkinson, Bill – Regal Publications, Launceston.
Anticipate an error factor of  +/-  .002 in the coordinates stated for the datum [For "ranges" these may differ quite a bit more].

Illustration of Tasmanian Co-ordinates and Tasmap references
Tasmania is in Australian Map Grid Zone 55.

There are 5x10 (1:25 000) maps per 1 grid Easting x Northing.

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