December 15, 2006

Windy Lake

Jim Gandy

Holmes, Lake

D.K. Newell

Chalice Lake

Andrew Wellington - April 2006


Jim Lovell 

St Columbia Falls

Jamie Lawrence 

Cephissus Falls

Tim Hester - Sept 2004

Jillian Parkinson

Twilight Tarn Hut

Chris Goodman 

Temple Hut

Chris Goodman

Peterson Hut

Mt Field National Park, with "The Watcher" in the background. Taken in June 2005 on a very cold morning! - Andrew Wellington

Wellington, Mt

Len Newton 

Walled Mt

Jay Fraser - Viewed from the Labyrith

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee

David Tasker


David Tasker

Temple, The

Marian Harradine

A shot from Herald's Gate, just as you climb up from Wild Dog Creek. That hill on the left (in the middle of the 3) looks like The Temple. - Luke Kiely

Spires, The

From High Rocky Innes. Jan 2004. - Jim Gandy

From east. Jan 2004. - Jim Gandy

Sentinel Range

Sean McPhail 

Alex Henning

Rufus, Mt

Mt Rufus from Shadow Lake - 2006 - Sean McPhail

Projection, Mt

Len Webb

Pindars Peak

Jonathan Nermut 

Simon McLaughlin 

Picton, Mt

Len Newton 

Olympus, Mt

David Tasker

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee

Norfolk Range

Simon Baptist

Mueller, Mt

Sean McPhail


Simon Baptist

Lyell, Mt

Simon Baptist 

Little Hugel

Sean McPhail

Stuart Bowling


Philip Dawson

Labyrinth, The

Brandon Lee

Koruna Peak Frankland Range

Brendan Young


Philip Dawson

High Dome

Brendon Young

Hazards Range

Jay Fraser

Guardians, The

Brendon Young
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