April 7, 2006

Mount Dundas

Sunny Prospects


  • Drive to the Zeehan Highway / Howard Road junction (about 8km north of the Anthony Main Road junction, and 10km south of the Murchison Highway junction); and
  • Travel east along Howard Road for 2.5 km to an open area immediately before a wooden bridge.


  • Walk east along Howard Road, over the bridge and then turn left at the small cairn;
  • Follow the overgrown pad down to the Farrell Rivulet which is difficult to cross without getting your feet wet;
  • Head up the old road formation for 3 kilometres until it ends;
  • Continue on the tagged route through the ancient forest with its open understorey until you reach a scrubby plateau with good views of the summit block;
  • Stick to the tagged route across the plateau and up onto the rocky summit, reached after some 3 hours of walking. 

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