November 1, 2004

Clytemnestra Notes and Bivvy Cave Directions

Date written: November 2004
Written by: Brandon Lee
Frenchmans Cap: 7 Points
Clytemnestra: 4 Points

Day 1:

From the Lyell highway follow the usual path towards Frenchmans Cap over Mt Mullens and through the notorious sodden plains to arrive at the Lake Vera hut.

Day 2:

From Lake Vera head up to Barron Pass, traverse below Nicoles Needle and Sharlands Peak and continue on to Lake Tahune. From here head to the summit of Frenchmans Cap. Leaving the summit, head west approximately 150m then southish around 100m before cutting back south east about 70m towards the cliff line on the south side of the summit. In this general area the bivvy cave should be close. It's not highly visible from any angle but if you go too low you might spot it as you look back up the mountain. Spend the night in the cave, it has plenty of room and even a nice rock slab table to the left as you enter (which i crushed my fingertip making).

Day 3:

Leave the cave and descend through the steep gullies and slopes to the scrubby creek area south-west of the Frenchmans summit. Now climb east onto the 'S' shaped ridge heading south to Clytemnestra. Follow the high ground past large conglomerate boulders and long dead and well weathered pencil pines, sidling around some of the high points until you stand facing the jagged outcrops on the northern flanks of Clytemnestra. The summit is is enclosed by steep cliff bands on the east and south so the approach is from the western side, or right hand facing. After summiting return via the same route and back over Frenchmans to Tahune Hut.

Day 4:

Make your way back to Vera Hut.

Day 5:

Head out to your preferred mode of transport waiting at the Lyell Highway. 

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