February 2, 2002

Mount Field East Circuit

Allan Wise


There are two carparks - 3 to 5 car spaces - to start the approach to Mount Field West. Both carparks stem from the main road to the ski village.
Lower carpark to Lake Nicholls and Nicholls Hut - 40 minutes
A steady hill rises for the first 20 minutes. Trees are thinly spread all around. It then flattens out for a further 20 minutes walk, till the hut is reached. The Hut is next to the lake, hence it's name. It is of good construction and would sleep 6 people comfortably.

Hut to summit - 1 hour

The track now rises, on a steady grade, for 30 minutes. It flattens for a further 30 minutes where the summit is reached. the track is of excellent condition, obviously well walked. It is large and made of medium size rocks, with dirt between.


From the top you can see down the valley, towards Bushy Park. In the other direction, views are of Mt Field West and Rodway Range.

Summit end of Windy Moor - 1 hour

This section is flat and although it is a boggy, wet, moor, te section is easy to navigate. Good views can be had back to the summit block.

Windy Moor to Fenton Lake and carpark - 1 hour

This section is of a steady grade, with medium size rocks to navigate around. Trees are thinly spread. Lake Fenton, which is close to the carpark, is one of Hobart's fresh water supply points. The weir and pump house was built in 1936.
We walked the circuit but you can walk up and back the same way. The circuit is a top day walk, one I highly recommend. 

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