January 1, 2001

Turrana Bluff

Sunny Prospects


  • Mersey Forest Road, to the Dublin Road junction, about 2 km south of the Rowallan Dam;
  • Travel east on the Dublin Road for 4.5 km to its junction with Little Fisher Road;
  • Turn right into Little Fisher Road and travel for 6.5 kilometres past the bridge over the Little Fisher River;
  • Turn right and then turn right again, past a sign for the Walls of Jerusalem National Park;
  • Continue for 4 km until the car park where the road is blocked.


  • Walk along the old road and cross the bridge over the Little Fisher River;
  • Turn left up the valley and follow an old road which eventually becomes a track;
  • The small but attractive Rina Dina Falls are reached after about an hour of walking; and
  • The track continues to Long Tarns on the plateau at the top of the Little Fisher Valley and is reached after a further 1.5 hours of walking.
  • The routes to Turrana Bluff and Mersey Crag are untracked but open.

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