December 13, 1999

Wisey's Food Checklist

The more comfortable you are the more you will enjoy the walk, having good food while on the walk is a good start. When packing food consider these tips. Weight is very important when considering what food you are to pack. Pack about 1 kg per person per day. A balanced diet includes more fat and sugar that a 'normal' diet. Buddy-up and share as much as you can.

Cereal, muesli (or oats cooked for porridge)

Dried fruit

Bread for toast (plus spreads)


Pre-made sandwiches


Bread (sliced and fairly solid, rye or pita bread for example)

Cheese, salami, devon etc.

Butter, peanut butter, jam, honey, vegemite

Fresh fruit and vegies, only on shorter trips

Dried fruit


Pre-prepared packet meals, either rice or noodle based

Packet soups and 2 minute noodles

Pre-cooked frozen sausages, stews

Extra bread to have with soups

Frozen vegetables, dehyrated potatoes

Freeze dried meals, you can buy these from outdoor shops

Freeze dried meats/biltong

Herbs and spices, salt and pepper, curry powder

Parmesan cheese, for noodle dishes


Instant pudding

Dried fruit and custard

Rice pudding


Powdered milk

Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, sugar, malt powder

Biscuits, cake, fruit slices

Nuts, chocolates, lollies

Pancake mix

Powdered sports drinks. eg gatorade

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