January 1, 1999

St Pauls Dome - Half Day Walk

Allan Wise
A mountain standing on its own often has views sweeping and vast. St Pauls Dome, at just over 1000 meters, is one of these mountains. It is a great little side trip when driving to the east coast.
Ten minutes past the eastern side of Avoca is Ormley. Turn right at Ormley Cottage (J.M. Burbury RSD 3710). Follow the dirt road which is accessible by 2 wheeled drive vehicles. Go through two gates, ensure they are left closed. A couple of kilometers passed the last gate the road splits a few times very near where you can start to walk. This is at the foot of the hill leading to the summit. Walking directly up the side of the mountain you may see a few cairns, there is no clearly defined track. At the first high point you can see to your west the trig, which is about ten minutes walk down and up a slight depression. There is light scrub and rock screes. The srub can be quite annoying, gaiters and scrub gloves are recommended. St Pauls Dome has good views from the Tasman Sea to the Western Tiers, well worth the walk.

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